Gaining Access to Haemophilia Journal

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    Register You will only need to do this once

    In order to obtain access please go to the Wiley Online Library page

    If you are not already registered with Wiley Online Library; please register by clicking the top right button as shown below. Registration should take 2‑3 minutes; you will only need to do this once.

    Register on

    You will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration; Please follow these instructions

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    Enter access code You will only need to do this once

    Once logged in, click on the ‘Profile’ link as shown below (a)

    Now click on Trial access (b), enter the following code HAEM2014, and click ok.

    You will now have full access to the Haemophilia journal.

    Enter access code on

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    Finding Haemophilia Journal

    Use the link‑2516 and you should now have access! You can access the journal at any time by using your Wiley Online Library login.

    If you have any issues please check that you are logged in by looking to the top right corner of the screen