How to prepare KOGENATE® Bayer

The KOGENATE® Bayer reconstitution kit is designed to make infusion easier and safer for you and your caregivers. The lack of needle reduces the risk of injury and reduces waste, while the four‑step process means you spend less time preparing your infusion.

  • 1

    Start clean

    • Wash your hands with soap and water, making sure the area around you is clean and germ‑free
    • Warm unopened vial and syringe in your hands
    • Remove protective cap from the vial. Clean rubber stopper with alcohol, being careful not to handle it
  • 2

    Snap together vial and adapter

    • Peel cover off vial adapter. Do not remove adapter from plastic casing
    • Place adapter over the vial, by holding plastic casing, and snap into place
    • Remove plastic casing, being careful not to handle the adapter
  • 3

    Attach plunger rod and syringe

    • Remove plunger rod from box, by holding top plate only; do not touch the sides or threaded stopper
    • Hold syringe upright, grasp plunger rod by top plate, and attach by turning clockwise into threaded stopper
    • Hold syringe by barrel and snap the cap off its tip. Do not touch syringe tip with your hand or
      any surface
    • Attach syringe to the vial adapter by turning clockwise
  • 4

    Mix KOGENATE® Bayer and syringe liquid

    • Slowly push plunger to inject syringe content
      into vial
    • Swirl vial gently until KOGENATE® Bayer is completely dissolved. Do not shake vial.
      Do not use cloudy solutions, or those containing visible particles*
    • Draw the entire contents of vial into syringe by turning vial upside down, and slowly and smoothly withdrawing plunger rod
Reconstitution kit


* Do not use KOGENATE® Bayer if there are any imperfections and/or discolouration. Contact your healthcare professional.

If you have difficulty infusing, or have any questions, please contact your local haemophilia centre.